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Digital Message Display System, with this system, you can warn tailgaters of their driving conditions, display courteous and advertised messages to others behind the car and also park your car with confidence and peace of mind. Activated automatically, it alerts you when a car is too close behind and displays a warning message to the tailgater to “slow down” and when the car slows down it displays “thank you”.

The LCD Display alerts you when you are reversing too close to another vehicle, a wall, or any object, providing a safe, easy and enjoyable driving experience in all situations. The default message on the LED display could be updated to display any advertising messages.


This digital message display system is a safety aid that is an integrated functional large LED display, piezo-ceramic, ultrasonic, electronic, computer data processing, wireless communication technique and other technologies. Incorporating the principle of ultrasonic distance measurement and the technology of fuzzy processing of computer data, it correctly detects obstacles behind the vehicle and warns the driver and the obstacle with clear audio and/or visual signal, thus prevents accidents


High sensitivity: an obstacle around 3.8m - 5.0m behind vehicle can be detected with fast reactions.
Minimum display distance: 22cm for the rear sensors.
0 Viewing angle of jitter-free LCD display for minimized false alarm, showing warning zones, distance to and direction of obstacles.
Audible alarm volume adjustable: high, low and/or off. Audible alarm generated by the 4 rear sensors starts from 4.8m for the highway driving and 1.7m for the local driving.It’s a perfect eco-friendly design.
Diagnostic function alerts you of the defective sensors, if any.

Workable under very bad weather conditions (e.g. Heavy rain, snow, strong wind, very low or high temperature)

Latest design of fashionable shapes
Highly reliable and highly interference-resistant based on optimized design and the use of high-quality components, so the system typically outlives the vehicle.


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